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I am Nancy Treser-Osgood. I started Pitzer College Switchboard so that members of the community could help each other out.

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by Lily on Sep 26, 2017

Looking for Employment in the Socal Area

Hi, I'm a recent Neuroscience grad from '17 and am looking for a paid position in the LA area (LA or east to Claremont) related to public health, teaching and/or community work (not interested in research)! Let me know if there are any leads. Thanks! 

by Max on Sep 24, 2017

Max '19 seeks internship in economics

I am looking for an internship in any position related to the economy and/or buisiness management such as money management, marketing, and finance. Anything related to the field will suffice, in order to broaden my understanding of what an Economics major can provide on the job market.

by Teresa on Oct 05, 2017

Take a Pitzer Student To Work - Winter Break Shadowing Program

Pitzer Career Services, in partnership with the Pitzer Offices of Alumni and Parent Relations, is sponsoring the Winter Break Job Shadowing Program for the 2017–18 academic year. Entering its fifth year, the Winter Break Shadowing Program matches Pitzer undergraduates with alumni and parent/family hosts who can “take a student to work” with them. We ask our job shadowing partners to host a student for as little as a half day or as much as three full days. For more information about the program and to submit a shadowing opportunity, please visit The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 20, 2017. If you have questions, please contact Teresa Flores Roberts, Assistant Director of Career Services, at Thank you for your support of Pitzer students.

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