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I am Nancy Treser-Osgood. I started Pitzer College Switchboard so that members of the community could help each other out.

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by Eve on Aug 01, 2017

Job in youth/community development or social research

Hello All - I am searching for a full-time job as a program coordinator in the youth and/or community development world or at a social research organization.  My background is in mental health and education and my long-term goal is social work.  Please let me know if you know of any open jobs or of organizations/people to network with.  Many thanks!! - Eve Havivi, '14   

by Ngan on Jul 29, 2017

Buy a calculator

Hi everyone, I am a freshman this year. I intend to major in Mathematics and Engineering. Which's the calculator should I buy? I thought I need a graphing calculator and considered the Ti 84 plus. Please give me some advice.

by Jacob on Aug 08, 2017

Majoring at other Claremont Colleges

I am looking into potentially majoring at CMC in their accounting-econ program. As a new transfer student (rising junior) and I have been given mixed advice on the matter. Some people have told me that it is very easy to major at other colleges while others have said that there are a lot of rules and regulations surrounding the process. I am just wondering if anyone has had any experience with majoring at other colleges (specifically the Robert Day school of Economics and Finance at CMC) and what action steps they would recommend as I move forward. Also, any advice for a new transfer student would be greatly appreciated!    

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